Why Cloudways is our choice for WordPress Hosting?

Undoubtedly, searching for cloud hosting services can be a tedious job. There are heaps of hosting options all over the Internet, having attractive hosting options!

If you ever searched for managed cloud hosting services, you would have probably stumbled upon Cloudways. It is one of the first to appear, and that too, for a reason. After being in business for more than five years, Cloudways is now a known name in the cloud hosting industry.

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Creating Buzz

Either whether you just launched a new website or you’re already in the business for some time, it’s important to create some buzz around your website. This is the way you get people to notice you and you’ll be able to get free prospects and possible clients as well.

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Best Places for Stock Photos

Having good and high-quality photos in your website is really important. As you probably already heard: “A picture is worth 1,000 words”. However, it’s not that rare to see a website using crummy photos. They either don’t have a good definition or they’re just two people shaking hands.

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building a brand

Building an Online Brand

No matter if you’re a blogger that is trying to do all the tasks on his own, or if you’re a small business, you can build your brand. Building an online brand is crucial to stand out and to get some visibility not only on the search engines as on the social media.

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Speed up a WordPress Site

Your website loading speed is one of the most important metrics you need to keep an eye on. You won’t ever see anyone complaining that a website is just too fast, but on the other way, if your website takes more than 4 or 5 seconds to load, people simply hit the back button and won’t ever come back.

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User Experience

Best Ways to Improve UX

As you probably already know, UX stands for User Experience, and improving it is one major goal for any business. There’s a reason why you keep getting to the same website or even to the same restaurant or coffee shop. And the reason is that you had a good experience when you went there so you keep getting back for more.

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design trends

Design Trends to Consider

Design trends keep changing from time to time and it’s important for you, as a website owner, to know the trends that are emerging and why they are becoming more popular every day.

It’s a fact that you need to have a responsive website that works as well on a desktop as on a mobile device as a tablet or smartphone. And it needs to load fast. But there are some web design trends that are emerging:

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