Improve conversions

Improving conversions is one of the most important tasks. Just by improving the conversion rate of a landing page, you can increase your ROI and make more money with the same visitors.

Here are some strategies you can use to improve conversions and boost your earnings per visitor:

1 – Do a Split Testing

A split testing or an A/B testing allows you to compare 2 different versions of the same landing page and see which one it converts better. Just by creating a secondary page and change some of the most important elements like graphics and headline, you can successfully boost the conversion rate. But the best way to fine-tune a page is to  do a split test.

On a split test, some of your visitors land on page A and others on page B, and you’ll see which page converts better. You can keep improving the least performant page to try to pass the other one, and this improves your conversion rates.

2 – Make a Clear Value or Quality Proposition

In order to get good conversion rates, you have to offer a value or a high-quality proposal, and you need to show exactly that on your landing page.

Some landing pages are complicated and don’t explain what’s included and why it’s the kind of offer your visitor should take right now.

Make sure you demonstrate why your product offers a good value or quality proposition. The better you succeed at it the better conversions you’ll have.

3 – Social Proof and Testimonials

Besides the headline, few elements can boost your conversion rate as much as the testimonials or the social proof. Just by showing good testimonials from your customers or some of the positive things they’ve been sharing on social networks about you and your product, can be enough to boost your conversion rates.

Consumers prefer to buy products that are proven to work, and nothing proves how good is your product as some amazing testimonials from some past customers.

4 – Set and Improve a Sales funnel

A sales funnel is designed to boost your conversion rates on all levels. By taking your visitors across a funnel you’re not only getting more free leads on a free offer as you’ll be able to sell them more and more products over time.

With a sales funnel, you can add upsells and downsells, and both of those can generate extra sales and extra revenues from the same customers, boosting your overall conversion rate.

These 4 strategies allow you to fine tune your current sales page and increase your conversion rates. Keep using them and testing them to make sure you’ll maximize the conversion and the earnings per customer.

Published by Amber Wishart