building a brand

No matter if you’re a blogger that is trying to do all the tasks on his own, or if you’re a small business, you can build your brand. Building an online brand is crucial to stand out and to get some visibility not only on the search engines as on the social media.

Here are some strategies you can use to build your online brand:

1 – Start with the basics

The first step to creating your online brand is to define it. Make sure you do some research on your competitors and see what you can do slightly different to create a differentiation.

Define what your brand stands for and what turns your website or product into something unique. These will be your brand core values and they will determinate some of the actions on the next steps.

2 – Building a Brand IS a Marathon

Building a brand is a marathon, it’s not a quick race. You need to realize it takes time to get there, or you’ll lose your motivation and give up before you succeed.

Always think in a longer term perspective and build long-term relationships with your visitors, customers, and partners. Try to close joint ventures or partnerships with others on the same industry, and nurture those relations.

Keep in touch with your visitors and customers on social media or with email marketing for example, and treat them well. You need to focus on the long term and keep in mind that these first partners and customers are the ones that will spread your name and brand in the future. Just give them the reasons and they will stay with you for the long term.

3 – Be personal

Be personal, don’t try to look as a big company. Your customers and possible partners want to connect with real people, not with logos. So, you have the opportunity to be yourself and to relate with these key leads in a way that they know they can trust you and they will be happy to bring you more business.

That’s the core of most successful brands! And even if you’re just starting, you can apply that exact principle to make sure you’re building the right assets that will keep growing over time.

4 – Innovate

To build an online brand, you need to bring something different. There are thousands of others already imitating the key players in your industry, so you need to bring something new.

That might sound scary or a big challenge, but as long as you study your competitors and try to bring a fresh perspective to the market, you have a chance of making a solid brand from scratch.

Stand for something you believe in and be honest and innovative as much as possible.

Published by Amber Wishart