Usually, customer support tends to be one overlooked area of your business. You tend to forget that your customers might have any problems using your products or services, that they might have a question before they buy, and they just want to see their problem solved.

Many big companies seem that they use robots with their “copy & paste” answers. Business owners tend to forget they are dealing with people who are their customers and not just sale numbers.

If you want to maintain a happy relationship with your customers, you need to provide good customer support. Your customer support is seen as the image of your company. If they can solve your customers’ problems with a smile, then they’ll likely buy from you again. If they’re not happy with the support provided, they will spread the word.
So, how can you provide a better customer support?

* Customer Service Skills:

There are some skills your customer support needs to have. They include:

– Being patient: Some customers will be just mad; others not so much. A good customer support needs to know how to handle with all kinds of people, in a calm manner.

– Adaptability: People are different so your customer support needs to know how to handle it.

– Clear communication: It’s very important that the customer support tells people exactly what they will get. There can’t be any room for misinterpretation.

– Know all about the product or service the business provides: If someone doesn’t know everything there is to know about what they are offering support on, they shouldn’t even be on that position.

– The customer is always right: A lot of people have a harsh time with this. Ultimately, the customer is always right, even if he isn’t. So, situations should be solved with this in mind, and with a smile and friendly tone all the time.

* When Interacting Directly With Customers:

– Your customer support needs to know how to listen. Sometimes we believe we do but we don’t. Listening to what the customer is saying, relating with him in that issue, is one step ahead to solve the problem.

– When the problem is solved, don’t just forget about it. Make sure your customer support contacts the customer to explain everything was taken cared off and if he doesn’t need anything else.

– Your customer support needs to be personal. Your customers deserve to talk to a human being, not with a robot or with a person who’s simply copying and pasting your F.A.Q.s.

– You don’t need to wait for your customers to contact you directly on your website. Make sure you check your social media pages and see if any customer has any doubt there. If he has, make sure you reply as fast as you can.

* Your Customer Support Needs To Be Engaged:

If your employees aren’t happy for any reason, it doesn’t matter how good they are in their position because they won’t be doing a good job. Why? They aren’t motivated. Make sure you regularly check if they are happy with their working conditions, make time for meetings out of the office just for fun, encourage them to speak to you directly in case something is wrong.

* Customers Feedback Is Crucial:

The best thing you can do to evaluate how good, or bad, or customer service is, is to ask directly your customers for feedback.

Through their responses you will be able to identify any specific problems you might have that can deeply affect your sales.

Published by Amber Wishart