Branded Theme Documentation

How to quickly setup and use this theme.

In order to install the theme, you have two options:

  1. In the downloaded .zip file go in the /theme folder and upload the Branded sub-folder contained in it to http://yourdomain.com/wp-content/themes/ directory via any FTP program.

  2. Take the .zip found in the theme folder and install it through the dashboard.
      In order to activate the Theme:
    • Log into your Wordpress admin using the following URL: http://yourdomain.com/ wp-login.php
    • Next, go to Appearance > Themes. Here, you should see a thumbnail of Branded theme.
    • Click on the Activate link to activate this theme

You will be promted in the WordPress Dashboard to install theme required plugins. Follow the prompts to install them.

Demo content has been included in your download to make it easier to set up the theme. It is of course completely optional.

  1. Go to Tools/Import
  2. Install the WordPress importer if it has not been installed previously
  3. Activate and run the importer
  4. Select the demo.xml file located in the 'demo' folder included with your download.

Note: - Make sure to change menu links to your domain (under appearance/menus).



  1. Create a new page using the homepage template (If you imported the demo content, you can skip this step)
  2. Go to 'appearance/customize' and select the 'Static Front Page' tab. Set the 'Front page'.

    Blog Page

  1. Create a new page using the default template and enter your title/subtitle. Leave the rest of the page blank.
  2. Go to 'appearance/customize' and select the 'Static Front Page' tab. Set the 'Posts page'.

This theme features advanced customization features with live preview. Click on 'appearance/customize' to open the customizer.


The highlight color of the theme can be set.


You can upload a header logo & a logo to be used in the footer section of the site.

Header Image

Set a sitewide custom header image. The header image is shown on pages using the 'default' template

Note: - You can overide the header image on individual pages.


You can enter any social links in this section you would like to appear in the footer.


Branded features two sidebars areas. One in the footer and a sidebar on the blog page.

  • Under Appearance/Widgetsand drag and drop the desired widgets into the sidebar.
  • posts format

    The Branded theme support several post formats. You can select 'gallery', 'quote', 'audio', 'video' or standard post format from the raio list on the right.

    When you click the desired post format the post entry fields will change.

    Gallery Format

    This format adds an image slider to your post.

    Audio Format

    You can enter a path to an audio clip.

    Quote Format

    This format shows a large quote before your post.

    Video Format

    Adds video above your post. Simply enter the video link. oEmbed does the rest.

    Standard Format

    This is a regular post. You can anter a 'featured image' to display above the post.


    Homepage Template

    The 'Homepage' template creates a blank page. It can be filled in with any page-builder elements.

    Note: - This can be used for any page where you need a blank template.

    Default Template

    The 'default' template creates a page with a title and subtitle section above the content. All page builder elements will begin below the title section. This template is ideal for subpages and the blog page.


    Okay, here is where things get interesting. This theme includes simple page sections which allow you to quickly layout pages.

    When you create a new page you will notice the 'layout' section. Simply click on the 'add row' button from the bottum right to pull up the sections menu. Simply select the section you would like to add.

    Below are some of the page-builder sections as shown in the demo.

    Note: - You can drag and drop 'rows' to re-order them.


    Click on the 'Portfolio' section from the WordPress admin menu. Click 'add new' to create a new portfolio item.

    Now we're ready to add your first portfolio item. Give a title/subtitle to your newly added item and upload a 'featured image' image. You can now add any 'page-builder' sections


    To add a contact page 'popup' (triggered by the contact button shortcode *see shortcode section) click the 'Contact Popup' menu item in WordPress admin. Click 'add new' to create the contact page.

    Enter an address on the map line or leave it blank if you wish to not display a map.


    You can select a contact form from the dropdown. It will show any available contact forms you have created under the 'Contact' menu item in WordPress admin.

    You can then add 'meta' info with icons. This can include address, phone etc.


    The theme includes 2 handy shortcodes.

    [social_links] Display social links you've added to appearance/customize under the 'social tab.

    [contact_button text="contact Us"] Add a button in the footer to display a popup contact form.

    Ideally, you want to place these shortcodes in a 'text' widget.

    [titlebox title="Bold Style Choices" subtitle="We Help Embolden Your Brand To Make it Stick"]

    This shortcode is to add a textbox overlay in Revolution slider.

    You can add the "animate="true" parameter to create the re-type animation effect.

    [titlebox title="First Title" "title2="Second Title" title3="Third Title" subtitle="A subtitle" animate="true"]

    The theme includes a set of icons which can be used in some page builder sections.

    Quick Reference Sheet

    • Revolution Slider

    • WordPress
    • Revolution Slider
    • Contact Form 7
    • Google Fonts
    • jQuery